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2014.08.08 Friday

#128 Public apathy towards politics




    "Public apathy towards politics"

    It is said that people, especially the young, don't have any interest in politics. This is because they don't feel difficulties in their lives. However, as time goes by, they gradually feel hardship in their lives. They find living difficult. For example if they want to have a house, they know they have to get a huge amount of money. They will marry someone and realize that there are many hardships in their lives.

    It is a fact that living is hard and there are many hardships to overcome. Even if they experienced difficulties, they still have no interest in politics. We know politics is the only way through which we can change our society. However we realize that it is not easy to change our society in which especially the poor are disadvantaged.

    We have to realize that politics is most important. This is the only way of developing our society. We have the right to choose our representatives and we have to use this right. Our opinion is not always matched. If we don't vote, we end up discarding our chance to change society.

    We are not satisfied with politics, but we should not give up the will to change our society.
    Not giving up is the only way that we will take. Our strength is small but it is effective only when it is used.

    Excellent work – grammar is overall fantastic and flow of writing is easy to follow! A great, methodical analysis of the consequences of not being interested or involved in politics for the public. The critical tone of the essay suits the topic well and provides freedom to ask and answer various questions.

    Here is a possible response to this topic:

    Public apathy towards politics can ultimately lead to governments having completely free rein and not even acting under a guise of democracy.

    In other words, this kind of state of affairs would effectively symbolize the erosion of democracy and limitless powers for the government.

    Any government must be constrained and always act with the awareness that its actions can, at any time, become the subject of public scrutiny. However if the actions are carried out without this condition, then governments have nothing to fear and can do as they please.

    This could eventually result in potential amendments to constitutions by governments without the public's knowledge. These amendments may include clauses that limit the public's say in matters concerning alteration of the constitution, subsequently creating friction between the government and the people and, finally, alienation of the voter constituency by the leaders.

    To avoid such destabilization, government action must be regulated by multiple independent bodies and must be transparent. The public should in turn take grater interest in the leadership of their country.

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