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2014.11.01 Saturday

#134 The legacy of World War Two



    さて、本日紹介させていただくessayは"The legacy of World War Two"です。
    "legacy"つまり”passed on" ”left behind"されるものとは何だったのでしょうか。

    Japan is one of the countries that entered World War Two.

    Japan invaded China and started the war with China. Marching south caused friction against America. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and started the war with America. Japan ended up losing. Japan was burnt to ashes because of an air attack. The war left many scars all over Japan.

    67 years have passed since World War was over. The structures have been built in a burned field. Japan has recovered from the war. Almost all Japanese have not known World War Two.
    Immediately after World War Two was over, many Japanese felt hungry because of a shortage of food, but Japanese life was getting easy because of the high economic growth. Japan was admitted into the advanced nations.

    Nowadays, the memory of our wartime experiences is beginning to fade. That's why we need something to remind us of World War Two.

    Hiroshima is one of the cities that remind us that War is foolish and how important peace is. As you know, Hiroshima is the city that the first atomic bomb was dropped on. Many people died. Hiroshima is the legacy of World War Two itself. I think.

    Your conclusion is brilliant! Hiroshima shows everything good and bad that came as a result of World War . Its destruction and renewal is a symbol of all of Japan.

    “The legacy of World War Two”

    When I ask students about societal changes they often date their start to the end of the war.

    Perhaps to someone who lived before the war, modern Japan would be unrecognizable. Japan is clearly Americanized but whether that is a direct result of losing the war is hard to say. Globalization has reached every country.

    What is more clear cut is most Japanese people's rejection of war and nuclear weapons.
    To be honest the legacy of World War Two is much less than I expected.

    Unlike Germans, Japanese people are keen to forget the war and their part in it.
    Most surprising is how Hiroshima people hold no grudge against the country which destroyed it.

    If that forgiveness is a legacy of the Second World War then it's a good one.

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