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2014.12.04 Thursday

#136 The earth is doomed. Do you agree?


    doomed → fate, especially a tragic or ruinous one

    近年はglobal warming, air polution など問題山積にみえる地球ですが

    "The earth is doomed. Do you agree?"

    Yes, I suppose that the earth is heading towards doom, or more accurately, this process of approaching doom has been happening since human beings appeared on the planet. Human beings are different type of creature compared to others. This is because our existence will cause the end of earth.

    The difference with human beings is that they are irregular. That means they exist beyond the rules of nature. The population of a species is normally controlled by these rules. For example, if the population of a species of animal increases so as to endanger its food supply, the number of animals naturally decreases because of food shortages. However, human beings can produce food by farming. Also, they had got the ability of producing energy and new materials by using natural resources. Then they reached the top of the animal hierarchy.

    That has resulted in miserable conditions on earth. As the world population grows, the amount of resources used is larger than the amount created by nature. Some new materials are removed from the cycle of the earth's ecosystem and wastefully accumulate on the ground. Is there any way to describe this state of existence other than as one in which we are approaching doom?

    Though human beings are an evil for the earth, we are the only animal that are able to change the earth to be better. If we make correct choices for the future, we could avoid dooming the earth and make a splendid world.

    Great writing, a really nice look at how we as a species have decided our own destiny (or at least created the potential for such a destiny) using both formed structure and excellent analytical tones and very successfully commanding vocabulary to clearly communicate your views and arguments!

    If the destructive nature of human beings is considered, it seems logical that one day we, as a species, are destined to invite our own and our planet's demise through the carelessness of our actions and the lack of consideration for both the environment and fellow humans.

    This potential fate which humankind seems to willfully be sealing for itself day by day is particularly ironic given all of the modern technology concerned with improving our overall quality of life that continues to be invented and developed. Perhaps this focus on the short-term is a result of the almost inherent selfishness and difficulty imagining the future clearly despite all of the apparent evidence that humans seem to be born with.

    Nevertheless, as all humans are different on certain levels, there fortunately is an increasing global push, led mainly by activists from developed nations which have paid the price for economic prosperity and nations which are currently paying this price in terms of detriment to the environment, to make a more sustainable human race.

    This is not always a fruitful process it seems as every step that groups of concerned citizens take towards saving the earth and humankind is matched by two steps backwards by industries apparently intent on sacrificing long-term existence of the earth and human life out of a greed for profit and narrow-mindedness.

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