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2014.12.20 Saturday

#137 A place that impressed me




    "A place that impressed me"

    One of the places that I was impressed with is The Kurobe Dam in Toyama that I visited this summer.

    The Kurobe Dam is an arch concrete dam which was constructed in the ravine of Kurobe River in Toyama. Construction of the dam started in 1956 to secure water for power generation. It is 186 meters high and the tallest dam in Japan.

    The lives of 171 people were claimed by disasters, such as a collapse that occurred during the construction of the dam. It was finished in 1963 and 10 million people were involved with this project.

    Kurobe Dam is located at 1470 meters above sea level therefore I had to transfer to other buses a few times and went up very long stairs.
    After actually seeing the Kurobe Dam, I realized that it was much larger than I imagined.
    I could see a discharge of water from the dam. The water gushed from the dam and a rainbow had formed. The sight was very powerful.

    This project was started 12 years after World War II.
    At the time, construction techniques weren't better developed than current techniques. I suppose that it was much harder to construct the dam in a ravine in reality than with express in a plan numbers. I think that it was archived by post-war people's emotions related to Japan's revival.
    Since there is a movie which is based on this project, I would like to see it someday.

    Here are a few ideas on how you can write in the future:

    When I had the good fortune of visiting the Kurobe Dam, I realized that the structure was monumental.

    This is not only because of the fact that it is the tallest dam in Japan, but also due to the sheer amount of labor involved in constructing it.
    Additionally, the project was fraught with difficulties, such as the collapse that occurred at one point during construction. I gazed at a scene of a rainbow formed by water gushing from the dam with wonderment and contemplated the amazing achievement of the workers.

    If one considers that the dam was constructed using only techniques available after World War II, this achievement can be especially appreciated.

    I feel that the post-war atmosphere in Japan produced a strong desire to rebuild the nation and surpass its previous accomplishments within society.
    These attitudes were, in my opinion, the primary drivers for the success of projects such as the Kurobe Dam.

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