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2015.02.28 Saturday

#141 How to cope with a water shortage


    本日のessayは"water shortage"についてです。


    Many people in Japan think Japan has a lot of rain and there seems to be no problem of a water shortage. In fact we have the rainy season so we have a huge amount of water.

    However, if we consider the topic of water, there are various areas with different amounts of rain water. Just in Japan, there are some areas which have a lot of rain and some areas which don't have enough rain.

    In the areas with a water shortages, people avoid using water to reduce the amount of water wasted. City authorities may control the quantity of tap water that can be used.
    Compared with other countries Japan is abundant in rain water. We can say Japan is a lucky country in terms of water.

    On the other hand, there are many countries which have little water. For example, some countries in the Middle East do not have much rain. I have heard these countries make water for use in industry and homes from ocean water by using machines. These countries may import many bottles of water from countries overseas.

    Considering the increase in the population in the world, this problem is producing another situation. This problem will be more serious than before. Some countries may try to deprive people of the right to pump water. We have to take action to deal with a water shortage.

    Global warming might be concerned with a water shortage. If we could stop increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, global warming could be stopped. A water shortage has various aspects and many factors influence this problem. We should gather knowledge of solving this problem and have to take action to eliminate the bias of water distribution.

    As a growing body of evidence related to human influence on global warming emerges, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that we have a part, if not an instrumental role, in causing our current situation regarding problems with water.

    Although some areas are still not afflicted by such problem, we should consider that exacerbation of water shortages could lead to mass conflict and could even become a cause for countries to create wars in the future.

    It is with such things in mind that we should work towards solving not only present problems with water, but also both present and developing problems concerning the environment as a whole.

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