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2016.05.20 Friday

#163 What I do to economize




    "What I do to economize"

    I suggest, to economize it is essential for one’s happy life. As the time and money that we spend is so limited, I try to be careful to spend them. It might be seen as bothersome, but in economizing thing, I believe that we can notice numerous occasions of valuable time and things in our daily lives. In addition, it is related to the prevention of environmental pollution.

    From the economical point of view, I can’t afford everything I want to get. It’s natural for me, for most people of course, I always take some time to purchase something. Sometimes, I imagine how happy I would be, if I could get everything I wanted. It’s just an illusion. When I could be in such a situation, I thought everything is so worthless, because I wouldn’t need any effort to get them. Then the world would lose its brightness immediately. The two things I don’t try to cut down on are the cost of education and for my family’s vacation trips because they are indispensable for our future.

    Traditionally, Japanese have been an economizing people. Our old policy “Satoumi, Satoyama” rooted in the idea of environmental protection. Those traditions prevented us from being too greedy toward nature. In keeping such good traditions, we are becoming aware of the preciousness of nature, time, people who are around us and that we shouldn’t take for granted. I don’t behave like I need to economize, but I do economize to live more fruitfully.

    You’ve made some key points about economizing. As you wrote in your essay, we need to economize for the essential things in our lives. Education, valuable time with family and friends and the things that enrich our lives such as music, reading, traveling and relaxation.

    As environmental damage is on the brink of a global catastrophe, it is vital that people come together and try to promote environmental safety.

    Society can easily be misled into a consumerist orientated environment, where many corporations have no empathy for the Earth or its people. That’s why I think it’s important for us to not only economize in our lives but also to stand up against those corporation etc. that endanger our existence.


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