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2017.04.09 Sunday

#173 Is the taboo on recreational drugs justified?









    "Is the taboo on recreational drugs justified?"

    Recreational drugs mean the substances used for enjoyment rather than for a medical purpose. The term is generally applied to alcohol, barbiturates, amphetamines, THC, PCP, cocaine, and heroin but also includes caffeine in coffee and cola beverages.


    As this word covers a large area, I’d say No, on the illicit drugs. They must not be justified because they create a high level of dependency and very often they lead to disaster or crime.

    On the other hand, I’d say Yes, in the case of coffee and cola, for being quite harmless to other people.


    Recreational drugs are the matter for which we shouldn’t depend on as a personal choice. I believe that there is no right to keep them in society. In Japan, illegal herbs (or dangerous drugs) have been increasing since the number of arrests until 2014. There were many serious traffic accidents caused by users of such drugs.


    As the regulations became tightened dangerous drugs are mostly extinct and the number of arrests with THC developed again 2015, the Metropolitan Police Department reported .

    In criminal cases, it indicated that cases of theft are reduced by 10% compared with the previous year, 11.5% reduced for the number of murder cases, setting the lowest record after World War . On the contrary, drug crime tends to increase.


    There is no room for justifying recreational drugs that are harmful. nothing justifies illegal drugs, even though some claim that they have a right to enjoy themselves. We should not make excuses for using drugs just to entertain us though it’s nothing new and there has to be regulations in place.



    You’ve made some valid reasons why recreational drugs should be restricted. Especially when they are to the detriment of the health care industry and people in society.


    It’s quite sad but not surprising that the distribution of drugs and violent crime occur in poor urban areas of some cities in North and South America.


    It is said that when the black panther movement flourished in the U.S the C.I.A was involved in supplying drugs to those areas to subdue the black population. Freedom of people and anti war sentiments are a deterrent after all.


    Some people say Marijuana can be used for medical purposes or recreationally. However that may give reason to use other drugs and cause a lot of health problem even though statistically the users are less prone to violence.


    I must admit, I really like coffee so that’s quite difficult to give up.


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