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2017.12.12 Tuesday

#179 What kind of volunteer work would be interesting for you?







    先日、ICAN=核兵器廃絶国際キャンペーン がノーベル平和賞を受賞し、授賞式では、広島で被爆したサーロー節子さんが演説されました。






    "What kind of volunteer work would be interesting for you?"


    I’m interested in the volunteer work which is useful for people and also an inspiring one.


    For such reason, I belong to HIP, Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace.

    HIP is a group of volunteer interpreters and guides who are trying to send out peace messages to people all over the world.

    Mainly, HIP members guide at Peace Memorial Park in English responding to requests from various groups and organizations from abroad. It is non-profit private organization that does not belong to any political groups, or religious organization.


    Most of the members are so eager to study and steady. Also, they have the same sense of value as mine that it wouldn’t be enough if we try to just tell the tragedy as an “A-bomb attack and its victims’ story” to guests.

    In World War , we were not only victims, but also we were the aggressor. We need to have this sort of sensibility especially for Asian guests.


    HIP is slated to hold a meeting once a month. We have a lecture or a study meeting on that day. When an offer to HIP comes in, the staff members inform us and arrange guides and assistants in charge.

    Some guests are in hurry with their tight schedule while others are so interested and take much time with us. In any case, I think it might be their first and last experience visiting Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. Our responsibility must be high.


    How appropriately can we tell our guests the facts on 6th August in 1945? How can we support them to feel the real suffering, grief and anger of victims? How can we hand down the victims’ prayer for World Peace to them? Time left for us is going to be up. Every year, the survivors are dying.


    I’m a newcomer at HIP. Recently, I made up my mind to challenge myself to be an assistant guide on 13th May. I’m very nervous whether I could do well on that day with getting eye-contact with all of my guests or not. I know I need to acquire the ability of correct pronunciation and to learn how to speak in appropriate way. Studying to get such knowledge is my pleasure and also, inspires me a lot.




    It’s great that you volunteer for a cause which interests you and also enables you to use your English and communication skills. You are a very good talker, that’s why I don’t think you should be worried.

    I wish I had the abilities required for the volunteer work I want to do like you. I would like to volunteer for wildlife in Africa but I’m not brave enough I believe the most challenging part of your volunteer work must be telling those horrible times.


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