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2018.05.17 Thursday

#183 Judging people by appearances




    今回紹介させていただくessayは "Judging people by appearances" です。

    職場や学校でも初対面の方に会うことが多いこの時期、皆さまはどのように人を "judge" していますか?



    I think that appearances are an important element of judging people because we can’t avoid that feeling from our eyes. If I meet a man who looks smart & clean, what do I think about him? I think that maybe he is kind, clever and rich because he looks nice. Appearances are influenced from our lifestyle and frame of mind.


    However, appearance is not everything. I saw an experiment movie on YouTube about a lost child in Europe.

    In the movie, the first scene shows a little girl wearing clean clothes and she is in the park alone. A lot of adults asked her “where are you from?” “Where are your parents?” but in the second scene, she wears dirty clothes, no one asked her about that, even though she is the same girl!

    It’s an extreme experiment, but this experiment tells us that we have to be careful about judging people by appearances involuntarily.


    Appearance may help us when we judge people. However, we have to judge by looking at a person’s personality and behavior, not only their appearance. And I also have to be careful about my appearance and behavior!




    This was a very good essay. The examples you mentioned are very indicative (showing or suggesting) of human behavior.

    I think everyone judges others by their appearance naturally. It might be positive or negative depending on the person judging, and how that person appears.


    Appearances are of course very important for certain situations and formal occasions. The personality and behavior of someone gives us a more accurate assessment of that person.

    Sometimes well-dressed individuals can have terrible personalities. Someone who is not very wealthy might be really kind and vice versa. Someone who looks dangerous can help us avoid contact with that person.


    Homeless or poor people are often viewed negatively so I guess that’s why the girl in the video in the second scenario was ignored.

    To “never judge a book by its cover” is not always easy. As you said we have to make sure our own behavior and appearance is suitable too.

    On the other hand people shouldn’t judge others based on their nationality but a lot of people do so intentionally or unconsciously.


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