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2019.02.12 Tuesday

#191 My ideal future




    日々の生活に甘んじてしまい "、Ideal future" という言葉さえ考えることのない私でしたが、このエッセイに出会い「何歳になっても目標を持って生きていかなければ!」と思いました!





    I want to be a researcher in the future. I want to know various things and elucidate mysterious things. However, I’m still hesitated to choose what to study. I am interested in several fields of study. I have to decide on one of them to devote myself to it. The first one is biology. I like creatures. (Come to think of it, my tadpoles have become frog yesterday. They are so cute.) Creatures are not only cute, but also interesting. They have features that people can’t produce. For example, snail’s mucus are used to make a wall which doesn’t get soiled. Also, I’m interested in microscopes. Microscopes show us things we can’t see directly. I want to know the details of living organisms with its help. The second one is medicine. I think if I study it, I can save people suffering from intractable diseases. A lot of study is needed to make medicines. So, it is difficult to become a pharmaceutical researcher. However, I think it’s worth a try. The third one is the universe. To understand the universe is to understand places we can’t go. We can’t go to the edge of the universe unless we develop “the anywhere door”. However, many researchers brainstorm and research about it. Studies about the universe always excite me. I would like to see more of the beautiful universe. I find things I listed above interesting. No matter which one I choose, I think that I can enjoy doing my research. I want to study more to make my ideal future come true.



    It’s so interesting to learn about the ideal future of a young woman. You have very attractive interests and I can imagine you being successful in those areas. You are also aware of the possible challenges of those fields and still willing to pursue them! I’m sure you can be very happy with your career if you keep your attitude. Science fields need more women to improve them. Your essay had a very nice structure and the contexts of the paragraphs were appropriate. Good job!


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