2018.12.03 Monday

#189 Nature vs Nurture







    本日紹介させていただくessayは、教師同様に私も "Your baby is incredibly lucky!" と感じたessayです!



    I have one responsibility since I got pregnant: raising a child, especially educating him.


    I think that humans have innate abilities and learned abilities. I’d like to grow my child’s natural abilities and to help him blossoming out these abilities by himself. I decided that I’ll try to observe him carefully for it.


    But we have talents which we don’t notice by ourselves. Therefore, we have to experiment and improve our abilities. For this reason, I’d like to try to give him many chances and leave nurturing to professionals.


    The thing I can teach at home is how to see the world. I want my child to be someone who can find answers by himself.

    Finally, I think manner develops only by nurture. Thus, I’ll teach him manners.




    Nature and nurture are both very important when it comes to shaping a child’s character. We all have some characteristics that come from our genes, but also we cannot deny the fact that we are who we are thanks to the circumstances we have experienced.


    I’m sure I would be a completely different person if I was raised by different parents. Your baby is incredibly lucky. I’m sure you’re going to do an amazing job as a mother.

    2018.11.08 Thursday

    188 Good and bad things that happened to you last year






      とてもポジティブな内容で、"bad things"と捉えるか、"good things"と捉えるかは、自分次第なのだと教えていただいたessayでした!



         One of the good things that happened to me last year was what I became a selected player in my baseball team. Only 20 people are chosen from 120 people every year. I wasn’t chosen when I was a first grader and a second grader. So I did a lot of practice every day. So I was delighted when I was chosen.

         One of the bad things was that I couldn’t go to the National High School Baseball Championship. It was our target from when we were first graders. So we all cried including the people who were not chosen as players when we lost the game.

         But they all became the best memories in my life. And I want to go back to those days. So I think that last year was good year.



         I can tell that you had a pretty exciting year. It’s an important talent to look back at past defeats and remember them as good memories. It must be really honorable to be selected as a player in your team. Life is beautiful with its ups and downs. You have many more good years ahead of you.

      2018.10.05 Friday

      #187 "TV is not good for your brain." Do you agree?



        今回の topic は TV についてです。



        そこで、今回の問いかけは "TV is not good for your brain." Do you agree? です。




        Since having TV hasn’t been difficult to purchase for normal family, it has become essential for us. TV channels work very hard because there is no day that we don’t watch TV. It shows news for the dad in the morning, gossip news and soap operas for the mom after that, and in the evening, variety shows, sports programs, anime, dramas and movies are useful for the family to have a good time.


        Some people say that watching TV spoils the ability of imagination in one’s childhood. They also say that reading books and imaging the scenes from the book are important to improve this ability. I remember that my mom said that. If they are true, many of today’s people are less clever than people before TV. I don’t think so, human beings have still enough power to improve their intelligence.


        TV has brought us a new method of facing facts. That is live broadcast. It shows real events that happen somewhere in the world at the same time without any editing. For instance, watching disasters and incidents like terrorism on live broadcast is shocking, because we understand that is a real-time event. Newspapers cannot convey the same feeling. That is a strong point of watching TV.


        It is hard to say if TV is good or bad for your brain totally. However, there is one important thing about watching TV: not using brain while watching TV, just killing your time without thinking, is not good for your brain.




        TV has really become an important part of our lives. Even though I personally don’t watch TV, I remember how it shaped by personality when I was a child. I agree on how reading improves the imagination of children but as you stated, you should remember the merits of TV in terms of communication.

        I believe the biggest problem about watching TV is how it puts us into a passive position. Some people use TV as a nanny. This is how people turn out to be addicted to TV. If we choose educational programs over reality shows and teach our children how to keep balance between reading and watching TV, I believe their brains wouldn’t be washed. Moreover, if we choose the shows wisely, TV channels can’t continue making TV shows that are harmful for our brains.

        2018.09.13 Thursday

        #186 Ways to protect nature






          そこで本日紹介させいただくtopicは "Ways to protect nature" です。





          Nowadays, there are a lot of problems about the environment because of global warming. The reason of global warming is that people are cutting many trees. Green plants carry out photosynthesis which is a process that changes CO2 to O2.


          On the one hand tree cutting makes me happy so I can use furniture, on the other hand it makes me unhappy as a person living in the earth. What should we do?


          I think there is one way not to exacerbate the environmental problem. It is not using too many trees for making furniture.

          Long time ago, we did not have plastics, but now there are not only trees but also plastics. So we do not have to use many trees. However plastic is made from oil. There is a limit to oil. Also we are creating too much waste.

          The best way is not to make too many things, but it isn’t easy. So we should be careful about not buying many things.




          Our problem would be solved quickly if we stopped using plastics and planted more trees. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, that’s why our waste is piling up. Before the advent of plastic, people were cutting down trees moderately and they were planting new ones too. So, it was completely sustainable. Oil companies like Shell get their oil from Arctic. They melt the ice and cause other problems by producing plastic. I wish we could get rid of all the plastic in the world.

          2018.07.25 Wednesday

          #185 How you think technology will evolve in the future?








            本日紹介させていただくessayは "technology" についてです。

            確実に日々進歩している technology ですが、その反面、自然災害など、人間にはまだ太刀打ちできない領域はまだまだありますね。

            生活が便利になるのはもちろん嬉しいですが、地震予測や気象予測、またセキュリティ面で technology の開発が進むことを期待しています。


            "How you think technology will evolve in the future?"


            In the last century, it was the most progressive and important era for technology in our history. After the Industrial Revolution, our life has been dramatically changed and the technology is making us comfortable even today.


            However, I think today’s technology is a bit different compared to how it was decades ago. The previous technology affected our life directly. For instance, the developments of transporters are able to take us further and faster. Home electric appliances release housewives from long hours housework. They are simple and understandable profits for everyone.


            Today’s technologies are based on complicated combinations of those previous technologies and are difficult to understand. How many people can explain the technology of an automatic driving? Car, computer and sensor – they are some components consisting of the driver-less car, but one most important component is missing. It is a driver, a human’s intelligence that is missing. It is regrettable that the technology of intelligence is far from a real human’s.


            I think the distance from a human’s intelligence and the artificial one would be closer in the future. This symbiosis will help with new discoveries. Technology will evolve in the future while all the mysteries will be solved.




            Your essay answered the topic well.

            Technological advancements have certainly increased productivity, communication efficiency and made our lives more convenient.


            In future, the symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence poses the question of how much we allow the technology to function in society. It will be interesting to see what new gadgets, transport and entertainment evolve with the future of technology.

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